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Tan Mun Ting

I have chosen to work with Junwen as we had a very comfortable talk during our first meet up. He has been very patient and has great knowledge of products.

I have gain knowledge of health and monetary investments from Junwen and only invest based on my cash flow abilities, which is beneficial as i will not be investing blindly.

Junwen is friendly, approachable, and not motive motivated which stands out from the other competitors out there.

People like me who previously do not have knowledge on money management will greatly benefit from his knowledge as he will analyse with you from the beginning and will slowly guide you to the right paths.

Keith Poh

I know Junwen through a mutual friend. Junwen is friendly and approachable. He is generally a family man who cares for people. He has a well-crafted process in helping people meet their goals in life. His ideals and methodology can help you streamline your portfolio and prioritize what’s important and essential to you. I believe you will benefit from meeting up with him for a short sharing session.


It was a good sharing and knowledgeable to share with me the details of the topic by both Mr Junwen and Miss Tiffany. They explained to me in details of the consequences and about my future. Kudos to both of them for the simple and understanding of this matters. Thank you.

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