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Junwen has made my insurance sign up and insurance claims a breeze. He is a very responsible financial consultant and has been able to give me recommendations based on my current financial abilities and needs.

He is a financial consultant that is willing to go the extra miles when I am in need of advice on the policies I signed. He is always very reachable and has not made me feel that I signed up with someone who only cares about numbers. From his service to me thus far, I can tell that he is more than just a financial consultant, he is a financial consultant that truly cares about his client. I have had previous experience where I signed up for an insurance and the agent was hardly reachable and gave me the feeling that he is trying to push away or cannot be bothered about my enquiries. Junwen on the other hand has proven himself to be not just responsible, but his service is indeed commendable. He ensured my claims are processed quickly and effortlessly from the start to finish.

I strongly recommend anybody who has insurance/ financial needs to come to him.

Esperanza Lim Shu Hui

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